Saturday is often a workday when you are married to a preacher. Since my husband often writes the final draft to his message on Saturday night, I am usually looking for something to do after the kids are down and the dishes done. This weekend, I got a hankerin' to sew, so I decided to make something to wear on Sunday morning! I say that with such an air of confidence now, but really, this was my maiden voyage in sewing something that could actually be worn on my body. I had seen this top in an anthropologie catalog, and saw this one at Old Navy, and decided I really didn't want to pay for either when I could (attempt to) make it myself. I had purchased some fun material at a fabric sale that only cost me about $2, so I was armed with fearlessness abandon. As with cooking, I'm a bit bohemian when it comes to instructions; which is to say, I'm more motivated to try something when I get to figure out the steps and blaze my own trail. This has its advantages and disadvantages, as you can imagine. Some meals don't come out quite right at first, and some sewing projects need tweaking and adjusting. Yet, there's no better way to learn a craft or to hone one's intuition. In cooking, I always say that you need to know the basics in the kitchen, and from there you can follow your sewing, it's much the same: learn the basic rules and laws of construction, and everything else will come together piece by piece. (Pun intended.) So, this is the simple top I made in two hours of working and reworking from the pattern in my head. It is perfect for this stage of pregnancy and beyond...I think I'll have to make a few more!

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