Stepping back in time can help you think beyond. Beyond the day to day. Beyond what seems normal to us. Beyond what this life has to offer.

So can looking back at the first half of your own life. I'm celebrating my 35th birthday this week. According to Psalm 90, I have reached what may be half of my life...there's nothing like looking back to help you look forward.

Randy Alcorn says that as followers of Christ, with each passing day of our lives, we are moving closer to our Treasure, not away from it...thus, it's not sadness that accompanies the remainder of our days, but anticipation.

However, the appetite and the taste for things eternal is one that is trained and developed. I really can't expect to think of this world and all that surrounds as less than the Treasure of Christ, himself, if my heart and my mind pines away at its temporary comforts and beauties.

And so, my heart's desire for this birthday, is that I might continue to seek Christ as the definition of what is beautiful, desirable, satisfying, and worthy of my affections.

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