Five Minute Tree Skirt & Holiday Decor on a Dime...or Two

Have you looked at the prices of tree skirts lately? I purchased one years ago for half off after Christmas, but still paid $20. Though this particular skirt is lovely, it just didn't have the feel I wanted for the tree this year (which is also decked out in after-Christmas clearanced ornaments!) You see, I've been enamored with non-color for some time now. Anything cream, pale, grey, black, white, beige...with hints of wood, mercury glass, and natural fibers tucked in between. It's soothing, and I need soothing. After all the sewing I've done lately, I really wanted a fast and easy kind of project. This is when a glue gun comes in handy. And left over felt. Felt is non-fraying, and has the body you need for a tree-skirt. I purchase a few yards of ball-fringe trim, and in five minutes, I had a new tree skirt. My felt is heathered charcoal grey, which makes it look more wool than "craft." and the trim is off-white. I think it's just what my tree needed.



I love combining the look of cut-glass and woodland.


Glittery snowflakes are antique-y in color.


Owls are trendy, but are perennial favorites for our family.


Hanging ornaments from a light fixture is one of my favorite ways to dress up the dining room. Especially when they are only a one to two bucks a piece...half off at Hobby Lobby.


And who says I don't use color? Red is exquisite next to grey.


What are some ways you are decorating on a dime?

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