First Family Pics

I really have no good excuse for why our family has never invested in professional photography for ourselves. I think it has something to do with being continuously pregnant or nursing, gaining weight or losing weight, buying diapers or buying curriculum...there's always a reason. That is, until our good friends gifted us a session with Tracy of Fully Alive Photography.

Ironically, two days before our appointed session, Number 3 managed to fall off a seesaw and turn his face black and blue in spots. Like I said, there's always an excuse. Thankfully, the bruises and scrapes cleared up in time for us to squeeze in a session with Tracy before she returned home from her visit. We had such a fun time on this photo shoot. Um...some of us had more fun than others, I should say. And, ahem...some of us posed with or without being directed to. Nevertheless, this was a great shoot, and hopefully, the first among many.

For those of you who are local, Tracy will be here again in September. Contact her via her site if you are interested in booking a session. (And for all of you in Illinois, Tracy currently lives in your neck of the woods!)

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