Fire and Icelandic Poppies

For Jessica, the winner of the 500th Post Celebration Giveaway, the long wait is over.

I've finally finished her custom painting. Though my offer was to paint anything her little heart desired, Jessica opted to hand me the reigns and be surprised, sending only a photo of her living room color schema, and a request for flowers. Well, I do like to paint flowers.

With rust colored sofas in mind, I painted a bouquet of vibrant icelandic poppies against a luminescent and variegated gray background. To me, it feels like an October's day...warm sunshine on snow-capped and ice...a blood orange with vanilla bean ice cream. Yup...Artist, poet, and chef...that's what I am. :)

Congratulations, Jessica. I hope you like it!

(And, you can own one of your own if you so please...)

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