Finding Your Voice and The GraceLaced Mondays Link Up

Welcome to GraceLaced Mondays, a link up dedicated to sharing any and all blog posts by like-minded lovers of grace--God's grace! Grace is found in the everyday when you are intentional about taking note of it...and I invite you to share your story, great or small, of how everyday moments are full of Grace.

It is found in the sink full of dishes awaiting you after a family meal, it shines in the faces of your imperfect children, it soothes from the pages of God's Word, and it is tucked into the enjoyment of a fresh batch of cookies. Grace is in a beautiful moment and a heartbreaking one alike. Grace is blessing beyond what you and I deserve.


We each have "a voice," whether we are aware of it or not. I really appreciated how the Barefoot Hippie Girl shared about Voice last week, reminding us that we are each unique and each have the privilege of representing the awesome voice of our God:

"Your voice is going to 



I don't know what the stats are of blog writing people versus not blog writing people. But, it seems like almost everyone and their neighbor are blogging or have blogged in the past.

But, no two blogs are exactly alike-because no two people are exactly alike.

There are strategies to grow your blog, but it always comes back to staying true to yourself and your voice.

The thing about 


 is that it isn't always words."

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I'm thankful that we are each uniquely gifted to voice exactly what the Lord intended for us. Thanks for linking up, Barefoot Hippie Girl!


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