Family Time in Durango

March 22, 2010

We celebrated Spring Break and Number 1's birthday on family vacation last week in Durango, Colorado. It's a favorite of ours. Some trips have left us exhausted and unrested...not so with this trip. We had the most wonderful time as a family, and are returning to our busy busy life with thanksgiving and sweet memories.

We stayed in the Guesthouse at Trimble Hot Springs...which is where the kids headed the moment we settled in.

Our favorite sushi spot was under instead, we caught the opening night of The Golden Triangle, a Thai fusion restaurant under the same ownership. S-w-a-n-k-y.

A sweet and sticky trip to Honeyville.

The rec center was amazing!

The birthday boy enjoyed breakfast out, followed by a BIG surprise: our first ride on the Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Train up to Cascade Canyon.

The lady who took this picture for us said as she walked away, "I have one boy, and I really feel sorry for you!"  I wanted to say, Don't!...I am four times blessed!

A kind woman who sat behind us on the train turned out to be the ranch manager at Riversong Ranch. She apparently thought these four were blessings as well, and offered to take the boys on a horseback ride when we got back in town...

...because she heard about the little boy who wants to be a cowboy...

And, as usual, we hit Guido's before we headed back home...

{notice the hat I crocheted on the ride up!}

...and thankfully received commendation from the wait staff for having well-behaved children.

On our last night, we were granted special access to a private hot springs pool--what a treat. Rather than each of us veering off in our own thoughts {or games!} as we soaked, we stuck close to the theme of unity as a family. As the six of us looked up and counted the stars, we played a round of Thank You, Jesus, taking turns offering praises beginning with "Thank you, Jesus, for..."

"Thank you, Jesus, for my brothers."

"Thank you, Jesus, for a beautiful day of snow and sunshine!"

"Thank you, Jesus, for salvation."

"Thank you, Jesus, for time as a family.

"Thank you, Jesus, for..."

What a blessing.

All of it.