Family Mission Statement For Back To School

We don't have it stenciled on our kitchen wall, or framed sweetly for all to see. It's not memorized or talked of regularly, but it's there when we need it. It's at the ready when we, as a family, experience discouragement in teaching and training our kids. The tool I speak of is a Mission Statement:

"Think of a Mission statement as a GPS. Most of us would not attempt to start a business, launch an organization, or embark on an adventure without some defined purpose or clear direction of where you are headed. It’s not wise to enter into choppy waters without a compass! In the same way, the back-to-school family needs to have unified purpose and goals for the school year."

Want to read the one our family wrote? Come join me at The Better Mom today, as I share the why and how of writing a back to school mission statement.

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