Faithfulness in the Unseen

Faithfulness in the Unseen

He instructed the Simons boys today in the midst of a dramatic multi-brother meltdown: “One fruit of maturity is that you stay the same person regardless of what the circumstance or who may be watching. Who you really are is who you choose to remain.”

Maybe more so today in our social-media-crazed world than ever before: We are quick to flash fruit in the form of posts, graphics, photos, or strategic marketing, but struggle to actually live it out consistently when no one is watching, liking, applauding, or rewarding.

We are so top-heavy with visible blooms and fruit, yet so careless where it matters most: in the underground roots of the unseen.

So I’m preaching to my own heart..

...In my marriage: My tone, attitude, and body language at home reveal whether I think I’m married to my expectations or who God has given me.

...As a mom: The most meaningful moments may never be remembered on the internet, and that’s okay.

...In my work: If I want to own my business rather than have my business own ME, I have to stop chasing appearance, and let my work be a reflection of something greater than my hustle.

These are just 3 ways the Lord’s calling me to maturity through Troy's words to our kids.

And here’s the thing: We can’t be deeply rooted or mature in Christ apart from the Spirit at work in us. So, once again, tonight, I’m looking to Him rather than trying to staple fruit on to my weary branches. 

This post originally appeared on Instagram on March 29, 2018

Because of grace,

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