Faith Applied

There is a very large corner of my life I have never written about here. Perhaps my reluctance has been due to the breadth of the endeavor--the explanation of which is too lengthy and significant for my 5-minute-every-couple of-days-blogging-style. It could also be that all ventures require faith, risk, and unknowns...and sometimes it feels safer to just sit on it until all fear of failure subsides, and victory is clearly at hand. Alas, fear and anxiety leave you crippled in sin, and incapable of rejoicing. But the Lord has been giving me a new song lately, one of trust and not fear. He is teaching me in all areas of my life to consider the road leading to where I want to be; the road that is lined with suffering, joy, repentance, dying to self, and surrendering to Him. Left up to my flesh, I would be performance-based in my relationship with God and in evaluation of all aspects of my life. But praise be to the Lord, that He has saved me from the deception of self-sufficiency and pride, and is leading me daily Cross-ward, down the path of simply obeying and following. When I finally stop seeking success and affirmation as means of glory for myself or evidence of fruitfulness, and rejoice only in glorifying the Only One who is worthy...I am freed from pressure and expectations.

While all this could be said of church planting and serving as a pastor's wife, this is not the journey I speak of. I am referring to our family's endeavor, along with three others, to begin our community's first Classical Christian school, following a University Model schedule of two days in the classroom and three days at home. Armed with prayer, conviction, and endless hours of work, we plan to launch Oak Grove Classical Academy, this August, 2008! The details behind what it takes to begin a private school that affirms both the classroom and the homeschool is beyond the scope of this post, but needless to say, the endeavor is and seeks to be covered in prayer. If you are a local reader, please consider how you might be involved in such a ministry in our community. If you are a friend from afar, would you consider praying for us in these remaining months?

Announcing a great achievement once you've arrived is comfortable, but I dare say the greatest comfort and security rests in the One who is sovereign...and in joining with those who desire to take part in the work of prayer, and to share in the victory! Thanks, ahead of time, for all of you who breathe Amen.

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