F is for Fiber.

F is for Fiber

Yup...it's not just for the old folks. Our kids need it for digestive health and for qualitative & quantitative eating habits. Ways we sneak it in at our house:

  • add ground flaxseed meal and wheat germ to oatmeal for breakfast
  • make homemade granola
  • serve only whole wheat (introduce it early and they won't ever know what they're missing!)
  • make smoothies with a scoop of psyllium husk at breakfast
  • offer trail mix and dried fruit instead of chips and cookies
  • Green Juice and Garden Patch at Trader Joe's

For more information and inspiration, look here.

E is for Enthusiasm. Sometimes I find myself saying "uh-huh" blithely to my kids as they circuitously describe their latest discovery or Lego creation...while my mind wanders off to what I'm fixing for dinner. Then it hits me: Enthusiasm encourages; indifference extinguishes. Let's help keep the fire lit in our children.

D is for Discipline.

My kids need both kinds of discipline: correction and routine. Here are my two favorites on how to train up a child in the way he should go:

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