Evy's Tree x GraceLaced

Evy's Tree x GraceLaced

In early February, we shared an exciting collaboration with our friends at Evy's Tree. Amy Miraflor, the founder of Evy's Tree is a dear friend of mine and when an opportunity to partner with her presented itself, I took it! Together, we created two terrific pieces, an Evy's Tree Sophie hoodie featuring my watercolor peonies, and a versatile black dress. 

The Sophie in Peony

The Ruth Dress

While I was in San Fransisco for the Evy's Tree photo shoot, Amy and I got to talk about the heart behind our collaboration. 

It was so fun to see ideas become realities! In fact, the whole GraceLaced team was pretty excited. Our team is a diverse group when it comes to height, body type, and style, but everyone found a way to make the Ruth dress and the Sophie in Peony our own. 

Rumor has it that both of these items are just about sold out, so if you're interested in grabbing one of these limited-time pieces, head over to Evy's Tree today! 

Because of grace, 


Evy's Tree on Instagram: @evystreeofficial
Special thanks to Hannah Reynolds Photos for the pictures of Sarah!

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