Encouragement For Wives

In marriage, we are one flesh with our spouses. When my husband experiences clarity in his life, I benefit from it immensely. When he goes through times confusion, I bear the burden as well. And yet, there is no greater time, than when your spouse is weary or weak, to be firmly planted in your identity as a child of God: daughter first, wife second. Whether your husband is currently faithful and strong, or is in a season of discouragement; be encouraged, sister, to find Christ to be your Rock, your Strength, and Shield.

Here's an excerpt from a post by Jen Schmit, for your encouragement:

Who Is Your Rock?

There is no more heart revealing place for a wife than when her husband is vulnerable. Immediately and with gut-wrenching force, a stumble or struggle from our husbands exposes us to the core. Fear and anxiety leap to the surface as we desperately try to find our footing. We ask ourselves who we can trust to lead us through the uncertainty of this trial when the supposed “leader” is on the side-lines. Cynicism abounds as we wonder how God could leave us unprotected. If our value is tied to his purity, we will be devastated. If our security is grounded in his job title, we will be shaken. If our faith rides the coattails of his, we will find ourselves drowning in unbelief.

If our husband is our rock, we may be crushed by him.

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