If you are a mom, you know about efficiency. You know about needing to be at four places at the same time. You know about cooking while unloading the dishwasher. You know about cleaning, and recleaning the mess your kids made being occupied while you were sprucing things nice. Well, I've been taking notice of all the little things I do to stay ahead. I have so far to go with becoming more efficient, but I thought I'd share my list in progress...

1. Buy a container of cleaning wipes to keep under each bathroom sink. When the kids get in the bath, grab one or two, and wipe down the toilet and sink area. Save the deep cleaning for once a week.

2. Flip your hair over when blow-drying your hair; pick up all the random trash, hair ties, and toys that are left by your bathroom sink while styling your do.

3. Assign a particular job to each child for meal set-up.

4. Try to throw away at least one *junk* or broken toy every time toys are picked up and returned to the toy box.

5. Keep wet wipes near the high chair for quick hands and face cleanup. {Place leftover tray on the ground and let your dog finish it up. Did I just say that? Cleaning's a breeze with her pre-washing.}

6. Stack all hanging shirts in the same direction, and in age groups. Then send the kids up with their stack to hang in bulk.

7. Always keep grocery, Target, and gift idea lists on your phone or on a notepad in your purse...helps you to not buy too much or too little.

8. Schedule internet time...and use a notifier or alarm.

9. Push back your cuticles and lotion up your hands whenever you moisturize your kiddos. Not as good as a manicure, but it helps...

10. Leave all the stuff belonging to each family member on a different step at the base of the staircase. Teach them to take their piles up whenever they head upstairs.

11. Make getting out of the house simpler by keeping all shoes and coats on labeled hooks and cubbies. Assign older children to younger children to get them on.

12. If you homeschool, have older child read directions to younger child while you complete a task with another one.

I'm sure there are many more...

And, I'll leave you with this funny piece of dialogue between Number 1 and me this morning, while talking about doing a task well in good time, not just doing it fast: Me: "Efficiency. It's my favorite word." No. 1: "Yeah. God is my favorite word." Well, alrighty then. You win. {grin}

What about you? Do you have a tip to share of a good way to be efficient?

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