Early Christmas

Law Law and Law Yeh, the boys' Chinese grandparents, were here this past weekend for a brief, but special visit. My parents live a few states away, and for various reasons, we had not seen one another for an entire year. They left today for Colorado, where they will continue their visit with my brother's family. We are so thankful they were able to meet both of their new grandsons, and to celebrate each of their first Christmases with them. Each of the boys thoroughly enjoyed their time with Law Law and Law Yeh. I found myself encouraged and touched by my parents' generosity, love, and new-and-improved graciousness in caring for me as a daughter while affirming and respecting my roles as wife and mother. Family gatherings can oft be chaotic during the holidays, and yet, ours found joy, rest, laughter, and a bit of the magic one hopes to remember in years to come.

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