Dress Design For Shabby Apple Dresses

If you are susceptible to feminine dresses, you will find yourself swooning for the pretty confections offered at Shabby Apple Dresses. This online candy store is having a dress designing contest, and yours truly is entering two designs. If selected as a finalist, my design will be considered for their spring line based on popular vote. What are the chances? Fun to play designer for a day anyhow! Here's the contest announcement:


And, here are my entries:

The "Ava": in natural linen or linen-blend with ruffles in teal or white cotton. A detachable ruffled rose belt and covered buttons finish off this ultra-feminine look. I designed this dress to play off the ruffle trend with a classic, conservative profile. Wear it with playfully hued heels to liven up the tailored look.

Ava copy The "Faye": in light gray knit on top and crisp gray cotton on bottom for a two piece look in once piece comfort. The detachable ruffled rose belt I again see as striking a pose in bright teal. For the office, a brown woven leather belt would would fit nicely instead, drawing cowboy boots, wedge sandals, or flats as suitable accompanists to the outfit.Faye copySpeaking of Shabby Apple, you may notice that I have a Shabby Apple button on my sidebar. If you find yourself unable to live without one of their dresses, you can go to the Shabby Apple site via my affiliate button and benefit this blog! Thank you!

As for the contest, I'll let you know if my drawings make it!

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