Dreaming of Spring {Gray and Ochre}

We've seen the lowest temps here in 20 years this last week. The Southwest can be so deceiving. One day it is feeling like Spring with clear sunny skies, while the next may bring sub-zero temps and school closures!

If you are like me-bundling up, but dreaming of Spring, this little outfit might be just the thing to encourage you to freshen up your winter wardrobe.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Gray and Yellow

Sketch Stripe Boatneck Top, $39 Gap Sparkly cocoon sweater, $30 Gap Skinny Jeans (Saturated Dark Wash), $30 Fourre-tout robuste, $28 Merona® Solid Wrap - Yellow : Target, $50 Women's Merona® Makana Cutout Sliver Wedges - Yellow : Target, $23
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