DIY Latin Proverb give and to keep

travertine coasters4

I've been meaning to share this with you since before Christmas, when I made these as handmade gifts. They are worth sharing because it is a craft that is super simple, affordable, and meaningful. Not only are handmade gifts precious to give and to receive, your favorite sentiments, in this case Latin proverbs, make these coasters heartfelt conversation starters. Here's what you need:

  • Set of tumbled travertine tiles from a home improvement store
  • a Sharpie...or stamps if you are a stamper. I'm a Sharpie-er. :)
  • cork drawer liner
  • glue
  • clear acrylic fixative spray
travertine coasters3

Cut the cork drawer liner so that each square measures 1/4" smaller than the size of each piece of tile. Center and glue to the back of the travertine tile. Place a book or two on top of the tile for added weight while the cork dries and adheres to the tile.

travertine coasters2

When your set of tiles are lined, you are ready to decorate! Make sure your surface is wiped clean and free of tile dust. I free-handed the text and drawings, but I'm sure stamping, tracing, or drawing simple patterns would be just as nice and less risky! I decorated each tile with a different saying in Latin. Botanical flower drawings are a favorite of mine, you can find many online to inspire you.

travertine coasters5

Spray each tile to set the drawing and seal the surface of the tile. You're all done!

travertine coasters6

Wouldn't these make lovely housewarming gifts? There are so many ways to be creative with this project. Coasters are so common and ubiquitous, but when given with a handmade touch, they become utility with unique.

travertine coasters1

What are some fun ideas for words on coasters? I'd love to hear them!

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