DIY Faux Bois Christmas Trees + Free Faux Bois Pattern Printable

You all know how I adore these elements: burlap, plants, glass, terrariums, woodland, twine, stumps, mercury glass, industrial, and faux bois. Just a few things, really. :)

When decorating my mantle this year, I found as set of chipboard tree cones at Hobby Lobby for half off, less than $10 for both. I had been eyeing some that were already decorated--they come with feathers, or glitter, or all sorts of cuteness...but none were quite "me" at quite the right price.

So, I picked the set up, thinking I'd cover them somehow. But when I came home, I looked around at all there was to do, and all of a sudden, crafting just seemed a little too time consuming to me. 

But, because I felt daunted with no pattern to look at, I've created a free printable for you to use as a stencil, template, or just as a pattern to copy. Click on the image below for your FREE FAUX BOIS PRINTABLE...

The only tricky thing about painting these is just to make sure you do half, let dry, then do the other half, so as to not get your fingers on wet paint! Otherwise, it was a pretty simple project that only took an hour or so, total. Christmas decor need not be perfect to be welcoming and wonderful in your home. Sticking to a budget forces ingenuity and sometimes, become the most creative ideas. Enjoy!

(And, you may have read on IG that we are a Santa-free zone at this house, but we still love hanging stockings for little treats. You can read more about my handmade stockings here.)

Because of Grace,

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