Desiring To Be More Than We Were Last Year

It's Not Too Late To Trust God With Your New Year

What feeling arises when you think about goals you set last year and the ones you hope to achieve or become in the new? Do you feel an anxious drive to succeed or do you struggle to find motivation in the face of guilt and defeat?

I have known both of these responses. And both responses have found their common denominator in my sinful pride and self-sufficiency.

Desiring to be more than we were last year, hoping to grow more disciplined, aiming to be more joy-filled and gracious....these are not merely self-improvement goals, or ways to form your family to look more like the Christian “ideal.” Instead, it is, for a child of the King, already ours already in Christ, but is realized through obedience and perseverance.

Join me at Mom Heart Blog today as I share about pursuing goals, and trusting in His strength in the pursuit. Be blessed, friends!

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