Dear Mom Who Feels Like A Failure

Dear Mom Who Feels Like A Failure,

I get it, friend. I do.

You're tired. You've not showered in a few days. Your kids are fighting, again. Your Bible sits closed on your nightstand, and you can't remember the last time you spent more than a few minutes in it. You've been cleaning all day, but your house is still a mess. You escape to social media for companionship, but feel lonely and long for deep friendships. You remember a time when you felt good at something, and today, you feel like you've accomplished nothing. You struggle to manage your time, your money, your kids, your home...let alone your own heart.

You feel like a failure.

But, friend, can I remind you that you feel like a failure because your definition of success is that of an ending, not a beginning...

Do you equate success with completion, passing, arriving, leaving the mess behind? I do.

Do you, like me, feel discouraged when your efforts and good intentions don't result in measurable achievements and tangible benefits?

We would do well to remember that the only thing that is truly accomplished in life is the finished work of Christ on the Cross.

Redemption is the ONLY thing we can rest in. When we try to cross the finish line in mothering, in discipleship, in homemaking, in having it together...we simply come up short, feeling inadequate, feeling guilty. Because, dear Mom Who Feels Like A Failure: that finish line was crossed by Christ alone. When we taste of that completion, it is only because our Father carries us. 

So when you look at the list of to-dos that you still haven't checked off, the kids who continue to struggle to get along, the home you are still learning to manage, the Word of God you long to desire...

Please remember:

...obedient children are not your reward. Your inheritance in Christ is. 

...a clean home is not your shelter. The shed blood of Jesus is. 

...faithfully reading your Bible does not make you worthy. Your adoption and sonship in Christ does. 

Let's not wallow in our sense of failure, sweet momma. Let's take our eyes off of what we've not met in our expectations of ourselves...and fix our eyes on what Christ has fully accomplished in us. 

There is no greater motivation to submit to Christ-likeness, pursue self-discipline, or embrace hard work...than Grace and gratitude for the Gospel.

This is not just lofty thoughts and impractical, friend. It's saving Grace. It's what will get you through today. It's the only thing that will take your mind off of what you can't get right, to what our gracious God has PERFECTED.

You know I'm rooting for you, friend. His grace is enough...



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