Daily Bread

Happy 3rd day of the new year everyone. Perhaps you've already spent time reflecting on 2007, while looking ahead to 2008. I personally have never been one to start new diets or regimes January 1 for fear of failing to complete the resolution. Yet, last new year's day, while nervously making plans to read through my Bible in 2007, my sweet husband delivered a thought that has stuck with me: It is not the success of the resolution, but the process of striving every day that matters. We may not stay perfectly on schedule or make it completely through the regulations on mildew in Leviticus, but the goal is to be regular in the Word...not for performance but for pleasure. So, I've started over this year. Clean slate, new motivation, desire to be more, to live more, to love more. Anyone want to join me?

You can find a downloadable schedule for reading here. I am currently using the reading plan found in the back of my really cool journaling Bible: The Holy Bible: English Standard Version, Journaling Bible (Original, Black). Whatever you choose for 2008, choose to be with Him. At least for me, intimacy with the Father would ultimately encompass any and all other resolutions I might make for the new year. Self-control, kindness, patience, the diligence to turn from unproductive habits...all find their fuel in the power of His Word. So many days wasted in 2007 feeling fearful or weak...when our daily bread is at our fingertips.

Blessings to you this New Year.

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