Count it All Joy T-Shirt Style Guide + Tips from Ruth

April 21, 2020

Count it All Joy T-Shirt Style Guide + Tips from Ruth

Hey there. In case we haven’t met, I’m Ruth —author, artist, and founder of this little website, GraceLaced. I’m a boy-mom mama in my mid-forties with some extra pounds and inches that weren’t around a decade ago, but I still enjoy fashion and the challenge to be creative with what I wear— thinking style an opportunity rather than a burden. If anything ever fell through with GraceLaced Shoppe or with writing and speaking,  I dare say I might just sign up to  be a Stylist. Clothes, hair, home, decor —i have opinions. :) 

With our first ever t-shirt in the Shoppe, I figured this would be a good time to write a post about how I’d style our t-shirt for various looks I like to wear. You don’t have to resonate with my sense of style or my combinations (you be you!) but I’ve put these ideas together in hopes of inspiring any sister out there that’s feeling a little bored with her wardrobe, worn from caring for those littles underfoot, or just needing a dose of creativity paired with comfort. I’m your girl —or middle-aged mom, I should say. Ha.

Keep in mind: 

1. Always shop  your own closet first —you own more than you think! 

2. Fit over fashion. A flattering fit in jeans, for example, will do more for your entire comfort and look, than a trendy piece of fashion. (ie. High waisted jeans from Able and Madewell transform the way my I’ve-birthed-6-babies midsection looks)

3. Mix high-end and bargain pieces. Some of my favorite outfits come about through mixing one investment piece from a higher-end brand with something I thrifted.

4.Don’t be afraid to combine patterns and opposing styles (ie. boho style clog sandals with preppy blazer and jeans. I’m here for it.) Wear what makes you smile —really, nothing’s as attractive as confidence in your own skin.

Here are five outfits I put together using the t-shirt from Shoppe - comfy + cute, colorful + bold, edgy + cool, polished + chic, and boho + laidback. I am also featuring a few brands you may know and a few friends to GraceLaced that we love to support!


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Use code 'RUTH25' for 25% off your purchase at ABLE!

Use code 'RUTH25' for 25% off your purchase at ABLE!

Whether you’re unexpectedly working from home during this season’s global crisis or regularly work from home, I find that getting dressed and ready in the morning shifts my attitude about my day, regardless of where I’m going (or not going!) Feeling comfortable + enjoying the clothes you wear has less to do with budget, brands, or trends, and more with knowing what will suit your day's demands and reflect your sense of style while working with what you’ve got. I hope this serves to inspire you whether you’re working our new t-shirt into your wardrobe or just in need of a few new ideas for getting dressed —we can do all things to the glory of God!

Because of grace,

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