Come On In, If You've Got Five Minutes

Come On In, If You've Got Five Minutes

I really really love to write, I do. But this week--these recent weeks--with the limbo of selling and buying a house, along with other concurrent events, has left me with little more than thoughts and moments captured via Instagram. It's micro-blogging for me these days, but I refuse to let Instagram kill my blog! :) I will be strong and persevere....just not this week.

If you were in the neighborhood and dropped by for five minutes to catch up...five minutes to exchange a few words about where we are, I sure wouldn't want to spend it on which movie to watch this weekend, or what's on sale at what store.

I'd want to hear what Christ is doing in and through you. I'd want to know how you are being transformed into his likeness day by day (perhaps with your flesh kicking and screaming.) I'd want to know if you're fighting the good fight...or fighting to just breathe.

And, I'd want to tell you how my life is far from perfect.

...How motherhood is the most amazing and the most deflating, exhausting, unrelenting job there is.

...How I have to fight for joy, and sometimes I'm not even sure why I feel sad, but I do.

...How loss and pain can take many forms, and sometimes it's a daily battle to count your blessings and not your losses. 

...How I long to be more diligent and focused in my study of God's I'm tempted to feel condemned in my lack of zeal...and how I preach freedom and grace to myself.

...How I spoke harshly to Troy today and hear my boys repeat my same tone with one another. And how I have to preach the gospel to myself again.

...How without redemption through Christ, I would be bound by fear, pride, and anxious thoughts.

...And, how my current circumstances are both rich soil for planting anxious thoughts, or for sewing seeds of faith.

I'd give you a hug, and I'd tell you I'm so grateful we get to spur one another on along the narrow path.

Thanks for hearing my heart these last few minutes.

Now it's your turn, friend. Tell me what He's doing in your life...

Because of grace,

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