Come Home

Our sweet dog is missing. We think she slipped out in the hustle and bustle of our six family members running in and out the front door yesterday. She did not have her collar on, and we have yet to see her on the local websites for missing pets.

We've had our Lu-girl since before we even started having children. Deemed a neighborhood indiscretion, she was offered for free in front of a grocery store as a week-old pup. We thought she was the sweetest thing we'd ever known, and happily welcomed the work and sacrifices required to bring her into our family. She lived at our first house, and has welcomed every one of our rambunctious boys into our lives. And, today, I'm missing her.

And as we work on all possibilities to bring my dog home, I'm thinking about what Jesus said concerning the lost sheep that "wandered off." I'm thinking about the heart of our Savior, how He rescues us, makes us His own, and rejoices at our homecoming.

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