Colorado Vacation Pt. 4 {Quick Draw}

One of the most memorable events of our time away was an unexpected opportunity to participate in a timed, judged, and auctioned art event on Main Street in Ouray, Colorado.

The "Quick Draw" was a part of the region's annual art festival. Number 2 and I considered it for a bit, then took the plunge, and purchased materials at the only local art store for supplies. The challenge, the experience--that's what we were going for.

The Preacher ingeniously crafted an easel out of two trekking poles and a long stick. I'm married to MacGyver, you know.

It was a mad rush to get all things together in time for the 10am start. Number 2 and I started off side by side, but in the end, the pressure to finish a framed work of art to be judged and sold by 11:30am was just too much for a seven year old.

His withdrawal from the event resulted in a few tears, as well as a unique opportunity to address perfectionism, fear, and pride. It did not take long for his heart to mend, while setting his sights on the upcoming youth show at the State Fair.

I, on the other hand, had too much money invested in this little experience to not finish, so I plowed on, painting on my 11"x14" canvas, using 3 inexpensive brushes and mixing paints on a styrofoam plate.

It wasn't my favorite piece ever, but I signed my name and turned it in. I didn't place in the competition, but it did sell for $50. And, it was an experience.

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