Clearing Out

Our family's emerged from the festivities and are now preparing for house guests and the anticipation of a new year. We I eagerly took all the Christmas decorations down and returned everything to it's place rearranged all the furniture. Does this happen at your house too?

It wasn't without reason, you know. In anticipation of the 7th family member this Spring...and because we always have guests for dinner it seems, we've swapped the dining table for the kitchen table. I've never enjoyed using our dining room. Too formal; too far from the aromas of the kitchen. I love having everyone at the same table. And now, we all fit. (Plus, there will be 7 kids and four adults in our home for the rest of week!)

My workspace has returned to it's previous position from earlier in the year: right in the middle of it all.

And though my kitchen is tiny, I managed to turn our island 90 degrees. Now the kiddos can pull up a stool and make a mess help with dinner. I also wanted to break up the visual line of two long rectangular objects. Can you see the what I'm talking about?

By the way, this is not too far from what other parts of my house looks like at the present:

And, this is how I'm currently feeling in my post-Christmas condition:

I meant the guns, folks! {smile}

Here's to cleaning up and clearing out. I love the days leading up to New Year's Day. I always find myself glancing back, but deliberately looking forward. I love new beginnings. We all need new beginnings.

***Speaking of new beginnings...I will arrive at a special mile marker in the New Year with the 500th post on this blog! I'm looking forward to celebrating with you, my dear friends and faithful readers, with a week of guest posts, and perhaps a little giveaway!***

Be blessed today!

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