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Hmmm...did I mention that after 3 1/2 years of church planting in a gymnasium of an elementary school, our church will be moving into a new location of its own this coming Sunday?  Perhaps this minor event has escaped my blogging radar as it's been an all-consuming church and family affair.   Having a permanent residence means no more weekly set-up for church out of a small trailer.  It means a place to gather at a moment's notice. It means our children can have snacks, and our grown-ups can have potlucks.  It means that folks can find us, and look forward to meeting Christ the following Sunday.  

And, yet...some things remain the same.  We will continue to focus on the Word, and not on entertainment. We will continue to be simple, opting for good stewardship over excess.  We will continue to love intimately, knowing the Gospel in action is more powerful than merely a creed.  

Oh...and, did I happen to mention that I've been serving as the interim Children's Director at our church? Perhaps another minor oversight. This calling is a limited time engagement that serves to bring stability, leadership, integrity, and excellence to our Children's Ministry in this time of transition.  I am thankful for the progress that has been made through taking on this role; and yet, I'm mindful that my decision has been costly, and not without it's effect on a family already spread so thin.  Oh, how good He is to turn our frail attempts at wisdom into roots that sustain future growth...for a ministry family's ongoing discernment between church and home.

*Pictures are of some artwork in progress that I'm doing on the walls of our new children's classrooms at the new church site.  (And, yes, I'm free-handing with latex paint...)

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