Christmas is the beginning.

(Photo by @missannasue on Instagram)  (Photo by @missannasue on Instagram) 


Thinking this morning: If we are weary, perhaps we are seeing Christmas Day as the finish line, rather than the starting point. He didn't come so we would adore him at the manger but that we would surrender at the cross. 

We rush about to wrap and deliver, attend and acknowledge. And breathe a sigh of relief when it's all done...and rightly so.

The arrival of Christ is the beginning of the end to our striving.  

So, let's not forget, friends: Having homes and gifts prepared for Christmas morning is not our aim...receiving and surrendering His gift of redemption through his coming is.  

Because Jesus hung on a tree, there is nothing better we can find beneath ours than a surrendered heart this Christmas.    

Praise God! The baby Jesus is the beginning of our Savior King. 



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