Child Training Bible Review and Giveaway

Correction, discipline, and training of my 5 boys are a daily part of my life. Sometimes it feels continual. My desire is that my boys would know the authority and character of God, and obey and grow in wisdom in response to the Word of God. And because true transformation comes through the redemption of their souls, every opportunity for our children to hear the truth of God's Word is an opportunity for them to recognize that it is not good works that save them, but a humble submission to the truth of the Gospel.

This is easier said than done, right? Especially in the midst of conflict and offense. Sometimes Scriptures don't easily come to mind, nor do the best ways to engage in a meaningful conversation with your child in the midst of training. This is why I'm so pleased to share the Child Training Bible with you!

The Child Training Bible (CTB) is a kit that turns any Bible into an organized tool for teaching and training our children. The creator of the CTB contacted me a few months ago, offering me a CTB chart kit to review. I'm so thankful they did!

You can purchase the kit, and also a Bible, set of highlighters, and tabs needed to complete the CTB through their website. I used a Bible that we had available.

While it takes some time to look up each Scripture, highlight it in the correct color, then tab it for reference, it was a most wonderful use of time! The older boys and I truly enjoyed the process of reading each scripture passage together, finding many verses we were unfamiliar with.

The completed Bible is tabbed and color-coded according to theme, ready for quick access to Scripture verses that turn our children's (and their mother's) hearts toward Christ and the Word.

Wouldn't this be a fantastic tool for family study through the summer break? CTB even has a summer discussion group through Facebook, starting May 28!

The creators of the Child Training Bible have generously offered a kit for me to giveaway! You can enter to win a Child Training Bible worth $9 (kit includes: Key and 3 Easy Tabbers with a set of instructions). It will surely bless you and your family.

Have fun!!

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