Celebrating 500 {Guest Post by Susan of The Hayes Family Blog}

Today's guest blogger is Susan, from The Hayes Family blog. Susan was a student at the campus ministry at the University at which I worked 8 years ago. Today, we stay in touch through the internet, but more importantly, through a likeminded love for family and giving God glory in our daily lives:

I simply love Gracelaced, and I was so honored when Ruth asked me to do this post. I knew right away, however, that I would struggle to come up with one favorite post. I'm not sure it's even possible! In many ways, Gracelaced has served as a “virtual Titus 2” in my life. There have been several times that I have walked away from reading one of Ruth's posts feeling encouraged. It is usually when she speaks of the challenges in life. Whether it is about marriagetraining our little ones, or even something like this, I walk away inspired and excited about what God can do when we're surrendered to him.

All that being said, Ruth did not ask me for a synopses of her blog! :) So, I would have to say that the post I have giggled about the most would be “MAN”. I love the thought of her boys all playing this silly game they created together. The real highlight is when they included Stone. I just love it, and I hope that some day my little ones will have many sweet little games of their own.

I am so grateful for Gracelaced, and all the wonderful posts. Thank you for taking the time, Ruth, and I'm looking forward to the next five hundred posts and beyond!


The boys' made-up game: "MAN"

No. 1: "Hey, Liam, you wanna play "MAN?" No. 2: (In a 40 yr. old-GI Joe-with a Texas accent voice) "Yeah, Man, let's play." No. 1: "Man!-what are you doing?" (Now, also sounding like GI Joe) No. 2: "There some bad peoples chasing us!" No. 3: (As gruff as a two-yr. old can muster) "MAN! MAN!" No. 2: "VROOM...GRR..." No. 1: "C'mon MAN!" No. 3: "MAN! MAN!" No. 2: (Back in his normal squeaky voice) "Let's go inside and say 'hi' to Stone." No. 1, 2, and 3: (Talking like Minnie Mouse) "HI, Stone. You wanna play 'MAN?'"

**"MAN" originally posted on March 17, 2009.


Thank you so much, Susan! I'm so blessed to walk with you now as moms. {Be sure to check out Susan's blog, for life at home and loving God.}

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