C is for Celebrate

C is for Celebrate. When was the last time you celebrated your child's accomplishments? We are so quick to point out their mistakes, but often overlook a right decision, a good attitude, a choice to share, an obedient response. Celebrating does not necessarily mean new toys or ice cream. Our kids are encouraged by so much less. Around our house, celebrating most often takes the form of praise and acknowledgement. "Caleb, I am so proud of you," I said to my eldest the other day. "Mama," he said, "That makes me so happy when you say that. It makes me want to do everything you tell me to do." (Ha...if it were only that easy.) And to my three yr. old, I said, "And Liam, you did such a great job in sharing with your baby brother." "Yeah, I did, Mama, and I didn't even pee in my pants!"

B is for Build.

A fort that is. It costs nothing...except maybe a room in disarray for a few hours; yet, the rewards are endless as your children take on new roles in their "home" or command posts in their battle fort, whichever they please. Directions, if needed:

1. Determine location; under table, in the living room, kid's bedroom, etc. 2. Find 4-5 bed sheets 3. Arrange a few kitchen chairs (turn upside down if necessary) 4. Drape sheets over chairs; clip together with binder clips or clothespins if needed 5. Add children and imagination. 6. Tear down by dinnertime!

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