Broiling Grapefruit and Thoughts On Family

My parents were in town all last week. It was the longest visit in years, and it was both amazing and unexpectedly challenging. Having family several states away means that time together always requires adjustment in expectations, and much grace as each person navigates the way history pairs with the everyday in one other.

That's the best way I know to state this reality: Families are made up of broken people, and broken people have wounds, repercussions of sin, and healing that takes a lifetime to work through. And as God redeems families, sometimes that work is quick and clean, and sometimes it's not. But God is faithful to be EVER at work.

So, time with my parents always leaves me grateful, and sometimes leaves me longing. I always have mixed feelings about many things that time doesn't always afford me to work through. And so, I often find myself prayerful about God continuing the work he's begun in us, and trusting Him to do so in whatever ways he chooses...and to give me eyes to see it.

My folks went back home the day before school was to resume after the Christmas break. The kids, Troy and I had all been a little edgy...both from being altogether in the same house for several weeks, 24/7, but also in anticipation of being separated every other day again.

Such is the mystery of family. Sometimes we can't stand being together, but we always miss each other like crazy when we're apart. (Think: moms after their maniacal children go to bed and we start missing those little stinkers.)

Back to Sunday. So, as I said, we were in a bit of a funk, and like any loving mom, I thought I'd bless my boys with a treat. I would love to be the mom that whips up a batch of cookies or rice krispy treats, but no. I never have those ingredients on hand, and really, I'm not all that great at baking. Plus, I don't have dental insurance. However, I DO make a mean "Grapefruit Brûlée." So that's what I made for them as back to school comfort food.  I pray my children turn out normal.

But, as it turns out, no one's really normal-- children nor parents. All parents are quirky and do the best they know to do with what they've been given. And all children take the very best of what's offered and learn to leave the rest. I'm grateful we don't need to look much further than Christ for the example of what traits are keepers and what traits aren't. 

The boys gave thumbs up to this recipe of sprinkling some sugar and broiling grapefruit. Of all that will be offered and passed on to the boys...I pray they will know the sweetness of unusual and unconventional pairings, and develop a taste for all that comes with being a family. 

Find the recipe in the GraceLaced Kitchen...

Because of grace,

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