Breezy Beanie

It may be possible that you have bad hair days as I do. Or just plain ol' roll-outta-bed hair days. We fondly refer to those days at our house as "hat days." However, sweltering summer heat precludes me from enthusiastically donning a hat other than the ubiquitous summer straw hat. (Think black hair and enclosed space on top of my head.) I love straw hats. I just find them impossible to wear while driving, silly to wear indoors, and altogether itchy if worn all day! I want a hat that breathes, looks cute, and can be worn doing chores or going out. And now I have one.

I never win anything, but lo and behold, a few weeks ago I was the randomly chosen winner of a giveaway hosted by fellow etsyian Jenster76. Wouldn't you know I won a cute beanie that makes for breezy summer hat wearing! Here it is. Cotton, crocheted, slouchy, and cream (because I requested a neutral, of course.)

You love it? I thought you would. Well, guess what? Because you are such swell readers, Jenster76 is offering the Light and Airy Spring Slouchy Beanie for $10, only to GraceLaced readers! Just mention "gracelaced" at checkout, between now and Friday, June 18, to receive the $5 discount! So, go and get one...or two, and confidently roll outta bed ready for cuteness.

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