His Mercy Shapes Our Stories

His Mercy Shapes Our Stories

My personal history includes all the challenges of being a foreigner, speaking English as my second language, a slew of emotional family baggage, a legalistic limp in my walk with Jesus, and the kind of disappointment you can only take to a sovereign God, I became an unlikely pastor’s wife for over a decade, an unlikely mother to 6 boys, and an unlikely encourager to others.

And eleven years ago this week (June 27 to be exact), I started a blog to better take note of how God’s grace is laced through my ordinary daily life. I believed that the gospel intersected my every day, but as a young mom wrestling with my expectations about life versus the realities He ordained for me— it was quite a journey from my head to my heart. 

But here's the thing about redemption:

Jesus doesn’t take what is cracked and patch or seal it up with superglue. He shatters what we think we are holding and keeping together on our own, and remakes us entirely.

In fact, God loves us enough to pluck us out of easy faith and self-sufficient striving. He shapes our stories with His mercy and laces His grace through every season. 

The past eleven years of following Jesus and sharing His faithfulness with you have been a joy and I'm so grateful for your support and for the countless ways you have encouraged me, cheered me on, and helped me know Him better. Here's to the next eleven years, friends!

Because of grace,

 Part of this post first appeared on Instagram on June 22, 2018.

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