Black on Linen

For someone who has never really learned how to sew, I've been sewing quite a bit as of late! I made this book bag for my friend, Trish, who's birthday was earlier this month. Trish's personality is bright and exuberant, but her preference is for neutral, subtle, and calming colors. She likes fresh, crisp, and elegantly simple. Like newly laundered linens catching the warm breezes of Spring is the transformation Trish has know in her life through the purifying work of Christ. How appropriate it is, then, to create a handy bag for her Bible and books, that takes backstage as her servant's heart shines.


Taking a twist on classic, I constructed this bag out of a natural linen with black ticking, and linen with printed black Chinese calligraphy. The words echo blessings of health and happiness...for this birthday and the year to come.

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