Becoming What We Are Beholding {Through The Eyes Of My Five Month Old}

Becoming What We Are Beholding {Through The Eyes Of My Five Month Old}

He's a little over five months now, and I simply have no idea how it can pass so quickly. I'm guessing that it feels exceptionally brisk when I am welcomed every morning with a hungry infant and five other boys, the oldest of which only has five more remaining years under our immediate care. Where has the time gone, and truly...babies don't keep.


My man cub #6, Haddon, studies my face and responds to the my lighthearted giggles, as well as my fierce agitation. He's being formed by each and every input. And I see, ever so clearly, that he is becoming.

He grabs ahold of my hair like reins, and follows me as I vacuum across the room. He's tasting with his lips and turning his head for every familiar sound. He's taking in the rhythm of home and what it is to BE.

He's listening, he's marveling, he's wondering, he's discovering, he's learning, he's becoming as he is beholding.

The six

So, at the tender age of 5.5 months, my little man is reminding me each and every day, that I, too, am becoming. That what I gaze upon and take in is what will shape me.

Shall I fix my eyes on my peers' successes and my own shortcomings? I will become jealous of others while God is jealous for me.

Shall gaze upon the life of ease that will come around the next bend? I will become greedy for comfort and comfortable with greed.

Shall I focus my attention on outward beauty and material things? I will have good taste, but not a taste for what is GOOD.

No...let us marvel, watch, wonder, and surrender to the Lord who is worthy....and find ourselves worthy of Him because he came so that we could become.

A Taste For What Is Good



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