Beautifully Rooted Launch

winter roots

I've always seen blogging as a creative outlet, a ministry, and an opportunity to impact the lives of people I may never have met otherwise. I really feel blessed to have a voice in this small corner of the world wide web, and am continually encouraged by the community here, the ideas exchanged, and the ways I'm growing, myself, just by writing regularly.

As ministry and community is currently in the midst of transition in my life, I've been praying about what the Lord would have me invest in, who to invest in, and how to use my time most wisely. A blog is just another whitewashed tomb if there is not real living behind the words and pretty pictures. Like I've said before, blogging is not that important; living in the reality of grace is. I pray my blog will always reflect that kind of living.


While praying through these things, I was surprised and honored to be asked to be a weekly contributor to a brand new website called Beautifully Rooted...a site that seeks to "highlight a woman’s uniqueness, in and through Christ." Today is the launch of Beautifully Rooted, and I couldn't be more excited to see what the Lord will do with this lovely site. (Look for my post later this week!)

winter bloom

So, thank you for reading GraceLaced and for making it possible for me to expand the voice I've been given a little bit broader.  I'm so humbled that you make this blog a part of your life.

Much love to you this Valentine's Day,

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