Be Who You Are {Because He Loves Me Book Study, Week 7}

Because He Loves Me Book Study "Your growth in holiness is firmly bound to your appreciation of the gospel and God's love, for it is only an appreciation of his love that can motivate genuine obedience." (p. 109) And, so it is with this in mind that we begin Part 2 of Because He Loves Me. We are looking, this week, at indicatives (the facts of who we are in Christ) and imperatives (commands we are to respond to in obedience). We are taking a closer look at our how our sanctification works as we believe and obey!

Please join Joy at Grace Full Mama today, as she leads our discussion of this week's Chapter! And join me back here next week, for Chapter 8!

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(It's not too late to read along. If you haven't purchased a copy of the book, you can do so here.)

Because He Loves Me Book Study
Because He Loves Me Book Study

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