Back to School Fuel

"If the gospel does not influence our homes, it is little likely to make headway amongst the community." -Charles Spurgeon It all begins at home.

Our school board is in TX, soaking up encouragement at a conference for University-Model Schools: be diligent in discipleship and worship in the home fulfill the great commission starting with our own marriage and family rest on the sufficiency of God's Word continue responding to the call of parent-based education with courage and excellence.

This week has served as great fuel for responding to the tasks the Lord has called us to. Are you struggling to love the work that must be done -- whether it be starting your homeschool year, making difficult choices for your family, or simply tackling a chore at home? Regardless of the task, it all begins inside before it extends outside. The home must be nurtured for ministry to be furthered; the heart leads the the hands.

It all begins at home.


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