Baby Baby

There's something in the water at our church. A sweet baby girl was born to our friends, the Cawoods, this afternoon at the very time of a baby shower given in honor of another couple from church, Megan and Brian. At the shower alone were two more pregnant ladies. Aaahhh....we are blessed. While I adore infants (not so a decade ago, but only after having three of my own), I generally find baby showers cumbersome from all the silly games involving baby food, diaper changing, and word scrambles. Today's shower was more my speed: lovely food, lovely people, lots of gifts, period. My friend, Leslie (who is NOT yet with child), did a wonderful job hosting her first baby shower. I was blessed to see our church gals come alongside Megan (who is from further East) as her family and community. That's how it should be. Megan is a bibliophile and requested children's storybooks as part of her shower. Here is the cake I fashioned for this special occasion. It was a chocolate cake with bavarian cream filling, iced with white chocolate ganache frosting.



Seeing how expensive it can be to purchase a fashionable nursing cover-up, I stitched one for her, along with a matching changing pad with one of my favorites from the stash: a vintage polka-dot on satiny cotton.


On a side note, I am down to the last four letters of the ABC's and am finally losing steam...does anyone have good No-Regrets suggestions for W, X, Y, and Z?

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