Aprons and Such

My husband is heading home tonight after spending a week at the Shepherd's Conference in Los Angeles. While I am more than eager for the return of his help and companionship, I am thankful for the encouragement and teaching he receives each year this first week in March. He stayed the first and last night with our dear long-time friends, Jon and Lyss, who live in Orange County. I whipped up some last minute gifts for their three adorable little girls--matching frilly aprons for helping momma in the kitchen. I used the same fabrics in Lyss' apron for her birthday in January. Is there anything sweeter than a child "helping" in the kitchen?




My little Liam not only helps me with dinner, but runs his own gourmet kitchen upstairs! He recently checked out The Children's Quick and Easy Cookbook from the Library. It is awesome! Judah loves it as well.  I just uploaded a new video of Liam getting "fired up" about working in the kitchen with his little sous chef.




Speaking of kitchen-y things, I received my lovely hand-embroidered apron from Mod Objects at Home, as part of a sweet little giveaway I won! Mod Girl at Mod Objects is also to thank for my new header photo! Did you notice the quince blossoms? Spring is almost upon us...



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