Anyone Can Bless

The boys have stepped in to bless me as nausea has grown more severe this week. Big boys have served by fixing simple lunches, holding the baby, keeping the little ones occupied, and picking up around the house.

While I stole away for a quick nap after lunch today, the boys lovingly crafted a gift for me using scrap wood, a magnifying glass, and midday sunshine. No. 3, the herald of the family, proudly came in and announced the completion of their labor of love:

"Mama, we made you something to help you feel better."

And while my mind immediately defaulted to all the things that would possibly make me feel better: a perfectly clean house, peace and quiet, schoolwork completed in record time, a big bowl of beef pho...

...I was presented with this:

Can you believe they did that with a magnifying glass?! It's really just so cool. They used what they could find and what skills they could muster to create a piece of artsy-ness for me. And as I received their joy in giving it, words formed in my mind:

Anyone can bless with anything. It's not what you have in ability or resources, it's what you choose to do with it.

Sometimes we get so hung up on what we have or don't have by way of resources, gifts, or abilities. We may even find ourselves, at times, excusing ourselves from ministering to others on account of feeling unequipped or lacking in some way. I look at my kids' imperfect, but heartfelt response to my needs this week, and ask myself:

  • Am I seeking to fill a need?
  • Am I a joyful giver, regardless of how great or how small the gift?
  • Am I intentionally looking for creative ways to use what I DO have, and not be deterred by what I don't?

I'm humbled to see how my children seek to bless however they can. We are each gifted with much more than we use at times...may we faithfully return those imperfect, but heartfelt giftings back to Him in love for others. 

....and lest you think I have it this good all the time, please know that No. 5 did his share of "blessing" by generously licking each dvd in our collection and scattering them across the living room floor. Number 4 smeared glue on the computer and drew on the furniture. Alas, it's far from perfect around this place! :)

Have a great day, friends!

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