And Then There Were Two

Yesterday my third started kindergarten. Wasn't it just yesterday he was eating fuzz and thinking that doing dishes was the most fun to be had? Yesterday, he was so proud to be going to school. My house was so quiet with only two. Just me, Number 4, Number 5, and the 2 dogs; I promise: it was eerily calm and silent. Number 4 happily painted with watercolors, while I did some ironing. We read and talked and didn't over-react to spills and messes.

No worries, today is an at-home school day, so everything's back to usual: not so calm and silent. I will be thankful for this day--this day I get to teach my kids--and choose to focus on the important stuff...and not to over-react to spills and messes. With two or with all five...This is the day the Lord has made, as was yesterday, and will be tomorrow.

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