All You Need Is Paper!

download-14 In keeping with holiday decorations on a dime, I'm sharing a paper craft with you today. My friend, Tara, has a friend. And that friend decorated her house with paper icicles. We liked the idea so much, we made a bazillion of them. A bazillion.

This is the perfect holiday arts and craft project for the craft-challenged. It's practically fail proof. And predictable. So predictable, in fact, that I became restless, and found myself making paper snowflakes again.

Icicle Tutorial1. Fold a square sheet of paper into a triangle.   2. Fold into a smaller triangle.    3. From the open side, cut slits toward the folded edge, parallel to the third edge of the triangle. Cut to 1/8" from the folded edge, about 1/2' apart.   4. Carefully open up back into a square.   5. Starting from the center, glue the inner corners together. Continue with the next set, gluing the points together in the other direction, alternating with each set of slits. Hang from thread or monofilament.


Simply beautiful!


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