All Abloom (Beauty Amidst The Ugly)

All Abloom (Beauty Amidst The Ugly)

It's still winter here in the Southwest, but my paintbrush is intent to speed up the beckoning of Spring. I paint flowers because when I study their petals, stamens, and soft complexions, there is no denying the artistry of a Master Creator. He is full of design, creativity, and loving kindness to give us so splendor and beauty to observe and enjoy.

But, can I tell you a little secret?  I also paint flowers because life can sometimes ugly. It is relaxing and quiet to work with my hands and to behold what is effortlessly beautiful. Apart from the preciousness of my immediate family, life all around me is oftentimes HARD. People I love are suffering from illness, from mistreatment, from heartache, and from loss. And within our own family...there are seasons of chaos, discord, discouragement, and dryness in our walks with the Lord. I long to know the effortless praise of a sunflower, the fragrant proclamation of a rose.

How great is our God to give us seasonal reminders of his faithfulness and attention to detail...

He's made it possible for us to pick up a tiny flower, to see the unblemished petals and marvel at its intricate detail and remarkable symmetry. And an artist, am but a messenger-- a herald of what is more beautiful than I-- of what is more beautiful than this mess of sin all around us.

Jesus is worth beholding...and flowers play a small part in the symphony of praise to their Maker. 

Now that you know my heart as concerns flowers...

These eight flowers are currently at the printer, and will return as assorted notecards and 8x10 prints by the end of the week. I'm beyond excited. I foresee these prints framed as a series, clustered within a gallery wall, or strung along a wire over a baby girl cradle. With Valentine's Day, Easter, and Mother's Day coming, there is no better time to gift a "fresh bouquet" of lovingly painted flowers.


Custom Order Monogrammed Paintings Now Available


I'm excited to announce that I'm now offering custom monogrammed watercolor/gouache paintings with up to four of your favorite flowers in your favorite colors. Can't you see this as the perfect addition to any nursery? As housewarming gift? Framed over a desk or studio space? A gift for a bride?

Whatever the occasion, I'd be so honored to do a custom painting for you!

I'm more than happy to do other commissioned artwork as well. Please don't hesitate to contact me for pricing on custom acrylic paintings, watercolors, chalk lettering, and even pencil sketches. I'm so thankful for your support and continued love for my little shoppe. It is a blessing to share my artwork as well as give back to my family. 

Because of Grace,

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