Do you ever feel like you say the same things to your children over and over again? Don't you sometimes wish that the training and disciplining of our kids could be a completable task, preferably with a little box to check next to it?

I'm over at The Better Mom today, talking about the repetition that is the task of parenting:

"Sometimes we act as though our kids can be trained with one deft stroke if we could manage to be accurate enough, stern enough, loud enough, or wise enough as parents. We are dismayed and sometimes shocked when our kids don’t change their attitudes for good, stop the habit in a day, or cease to be repeat offenders. Swift and precise parenting would save us time and energy, not to mention how good we’d feel about ourselves as mothers! But that is not how parenting is. In fact, it is precisely NOT how God designed it..."

Come join me at The Better Mom to read the rest of the'll be encouraged!

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