ADVENT In The Heart and Home {Guest Post by Clarity and Grey}

ADVENT In The Heart and Home {Guest Post by Clarity and Grey}

My guest today is Annie of Clarity and Grey. She is a Christian, a mom of two (with another one on the way!), a fellow woman of Chinese descent, a lover of photography, and all things simple and sophisticated. Visit her at Clarity and Grey and say hello!


Reading through the posts that have already been featured in Ruth’s Advent series, I see many of the same traditions being celebrated here in our home:
The stacks of Christmas books…

xmas books

The Advent countdown calendar…

xmas calendar

And Newbury, our happy holiday elf that moves around the house every night.

xmas elf

In years past, if we travel during the holidays we don’t get a tree…and then there was that year we were home, but just decided to be lazy. Ha!
This year though, we have a tree…and oh, it’s a glorious one that smells of sweet Oregon pine. It’s been three years since our last one, so our little ones have really reveled in its display. The lights! The ornaments! The packages beneath!
One very special tradition that extends from my family is the celebration of Hanukkah. Potato latkes, the dreidel game, and the nightly candles shining by a window…we enjoy it all!

xmas candles

There are so many meaningful ways to give of oneself during this time of year. My deepest hope is that my husband and I are able to set a good example of that for our children. Whether it’s a toy drive, an overseas charitable organization or stocking a local food pantry; teaching them tangible ways to sacrificially love is our most important goal for this season.


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