ADVENT in the Heart and Home {Guest post by Annalea Hart}

ADVENT in the Heart and Home {Guest post by Annalea Hart}

Welcome to Advent In The Heart and Home Series. I'm so pleased to swap guest posts with my co-host Annalea Hart today. You will find that the Hart family indeed has heart...

PhotobucketHello!  I'm Annalea and I'd like to welcome you to Advent with the Hart family.IMG_7269 I am so excited to share here on GraceLacedtoday.  Ruth and I believe this series could be inspiring and encouraging as you continue or begin traditions and celebrations of your own.Our family has been slowly grasping more and more over the years about how we can prepare our hearts and home with more intention during Advent.  The purpose has not been to rush into traditions that won't have follow-through or decorations thrown together on a deadline.  This is a season of preparing and waiting.advent snapshots (days 1-3)Our newest addition to Advent is the candle wreath pictured above.  It is a beautifully crafted piece, that allows us to visually follow Mary's journey as we wait for the birth of her son - the Son.IMG_7294Here's a glimpse of our simple and sweet mantle.

On it sits our Jesse Tree.  Our family is using Ann Voskamp's free Jesse Tree Advent Celebration for a second year.  (In fact, I had never even heard of a Jesse Tree until last November.)  Each evening we warm up a pot of hot chocolate, light the candles, sit in front of the fireplace and listen to the day's reading.  The ornaments (which were hand drawn by our oldest in imitation of Ann's and then embroidered on felt by me) are hung.  We simply snagged a fallen branch from the backyard and placed it in a vase filled with cranberries



Another way we count down the days in December is through our Advent calendar hung on the dining room wall.  Each paper cone is stamped with the day and filled with fun craft activities, ways to serve friends, family, and the community, as well as a devotional reading for the morning.  This reading coordinates with our evening reading in a way I find compelling and relevant.

Two points I want to make about Advent Calendars, seeing as they are SO popular at the moment.

1. I don't pre-stuff my cones at the beginning of the month.  Instead, I determine the night before what would best serve our family the following day.  There is a list of ideas to refer to as well as a schedule of what is happening in the community. 2.  Keep it simple.  If all you want to do is watch Charlie Brown Christmas at night with a bowl of popcorn, that is great!  The point is to spend time as a family and foster a joyful atmosphere with purpose.

IMG_7368 This year, we made cinnamon dough ornaments as a family.  The house smelled amazing!  I used the remaining bits of dough to cut out these flowers and plan on making a hanging for the kitchen window.

advent snapshots (days 1-3) Great-grandma supplies the chocolate calendars.

IMG_7348 Each year, we give our littles a special ornament on Christmas eve.  It is such a treat watching them unpack their collections when trimming the tree.


The Playmobil Nativity Set is in constant use.  The girlie calls it "playing Jesus".

IMG_7363 I am not trying to be controversial (as I know this tends to be a touchy subject), but our family has chosen to not "do" Santa.  I will say that there is no less magic to our celebration without him.

hung by the chimney with care

christmas morning 2010

Christmas morning is for reading from Luke and digging through stockings.  French toast casserole is baked and devoured.  Presents from far-away family are opened.  The gifts we carefully picked out or made are finally revealed and enjoyed.

One of our favorite gifts to give and receive come from the Samaritans's Purse Christmad Gift Catalog.  The littles pick out gifts for their siblings and extended family.  We choose a special Mama & Papi gift for each of them.

IMG_7385 I would also like to put in a plug for the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones.  We gave this to our children last Christmas and it has completely brought home the idea to our entire family (not just the littles!) that the entire Bible points to Christ.  That every story "whispers His name" indeed.  This season of Advent is just another way for us to remember that Creation has always been waiting for our Savior.

Lastly, I'd like to speak for both Ruth and I that the intent behind this post - all of these posts - is not to compare your own traditions and celebrations with others.  Advent looks different for everyone and in no way did our family take on all of these in one year.  If you are inspired by what you read during this series, take time to decide and get ready for next year.  Don't feel the need to rush and live up to someone else's plans.  Prepare your family in a way that opens hearts and home to Him.

We are waiting. He is coming!

Thank you for being my guest today, Annalea! I'm blessed to be teaming up with you!
I'm over at Annalea's blog today, sharing about our family's Advent traditions...
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