A Weekend in Chicago {Feeling Thankful}

December 22, 2017

A Weekend in Chicago {Feeling Thankful}

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Chicago for a speaking engagement and was lucky enough to stay and explore the city for the weekend with Troy.

After almost 20 years, he’s still my favorite traveling companion, confidante, encourager, truth-teller, luggage-packer, proof-reader, navigator, shoulder to lean/cry on, limit-pusher, and in-house pastor who calls me out boldly in the context of comforting compassionately. That’s his superpower, and I’m increasingly able to spot it when I see him with eyes of gratitude.

Troy and I were able to share uninterrupted conversations over the weekend, laughed a little too loudly, and took longer looks at one another. We capped off a heavy season of work with a short weekend of rest and regrouping.

Feeling thankful tonight as I remember all those seasons when marriage felt SO HARD. And now, knowing: IT STILL IS. it’s just that ease is no longer the aim — BECOMING when marriage is sanctifying, IS.

Post originally appeared on Instagram on December 9, 2017

Because of grace,

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